Ghee Ayurveda context …

Modern science shows that eating fat-rich foods like ghee can increase the “bioavailability” and absorption of some healthy vitamins and minerals. By cooking or eating vegetables or other healthy foods along with ghee, your body may have access to more of their nutrients. Ghee also tastes good, and so it can make some healthy but unappetizing foods more palatable

Why GHEE is good?

Its Easy to digest – Yes ! milk solids are removed through heating so ghee is very suitable for those with milk intolerance.

Higher smoke point than butter – Ghee has a smoke point of 485°F, so it retains its nutrients . Ghee is very stable during high heat cooking unlike other most refined oils.

Ghee contains vitamin E – super-rich source of fatty acids and antioxidants.

Ghee helps soothe the healthy digestive system – Helps repairing our stomach lining . Example in ayurvedic practice after going through DETOX, we are advised to eat khichdi with GHEE . This helps to lubricate and heal the colon . It also helps to produce good bacteria.

Ghee is all-natural – pure and not highly proceed food . Pure Ghee is made from MILK SOLID and added nothing during process. Example, Pure Yashkri Ghee.

Ghee aids in the body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamin – Its a good FAT and ideal for KETO diet .

Lubricate the joint – Yes, in Ayurveda context Ghee helps to protect our joints .

Helps with Skin Health – Ghee works as an excellent moisturizer which penetrates into our skin layer . We call this ancients beauty remedies.

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