Castor oil for psoriasis

Pure Castor oil stimulates immune system and ease down symptoms in psoriasis. It is widely known that pure castor oil increases the amount of white cells called T-cells in skin that improve body’s defence mechanisms. This also helps in fighting viruses and fungi that damage the skin.

In addition, pure castor oil contents ricin oleic acid which has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

In short, the pure castor oil has benefits of improving immune system for people with psoriasis.

How to use castor oil on skin for psoriasis?

Grab Yashkri Castor Oil and you can apply it topically on the skin lesions with a cotton ball. It does not absorb in the skin easily. You need to let it rest on the skin for a while. Topical application of castor is better when done before bed time.

You can also dilute castor oil with some other oil for its better absorption. You can mix it with coconut oil or almond and then apply on the skin with a cotton boil.

Apart from help in dealing with psoriasis, castor oil also has many more benefits on the skin.

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