Neem Oil: As an Organic pesticide.

Neem Oil is gaining popularity recently due to its benefitsand does you know that Neem oil also ideal for your plants and vegetable?

Yes! Neem oil is 100% natural and non-toxic to humans and pets, is inexpensive, on the other, and is also biodegradable. It’s safe for birds, pets, fish, livestock, or other area wildlife.

Thousands of organic farms rely on neem oil to control pests, and there’s no reason it can’t work in your backyard either.

How to make  NEEM oil pesticide spray?

All you got to do is grab Yashkri Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil.

WHY? It works better and effectively than those refined Neem oil in the market .Look for 100% pure NEEM oil – Raw Neem Oil.

It has to be cold-pressed neem oil as this will ensure no contamination with petrochemicals or solvents has taken place during the purification process

To make a neem oil pest repellant, you’ll need the following ingredients.

  1. 1-teaspoon Yashkri cold-pressed neem oil (5ml)
  2. 1/3-teaspoon insecticidal soap (2 to 3ml) *This ingredient is optional but use it if you can or mix with normal plain water.
  3. 1-quart of warm tap water

For a more robust 1% solution, double up on the neem oil and insecticidal soap but use the same amount of water.

How to prepare?

  1. Pour the warm water into a spray bottle
  2. Mix in the insecticidal soap until well distributed
  3. Add the neem oil and close the container
  4. Close the lid on your spray bottle and shake well
  5. Shake the bottle well before each use

How Do I spray the  Neem Oil?

After mixing up your home-made Neem pest repellant, you’re ready to give pests the dosing they deserve.

Get the spray into all the corners and splits, ensuring that you give your garden total coverage. Yes! Ensure you spray evenly.

It’s okay if the spray gets onto the soil and has no harmful effect on the plants’ health. The spray will help enhances soil quality.

After finishing your spray, you can throw the rest of what’s leftover in your spray bottle down the drain.

The non-toxic ingredients will not do anything to harm your local water supply in fact it helps to kill bacteria’s in you drain . Any leftover pest repellant will start to separate, and the elements will breakdown in around 8-hours, rendering the spray ineffective so it is advisable to make a fresh batch every week or whenever needed .

Repeat the spraying twice a week until the bugs are gone!

What are the other benefits of Yashkri Neem Oil?

Neem tree itself, whose name translates to “perfect, complete and imperishable”, as well as some of its best-known uses.

Neem oil does not only work as a natural pesticide, or a home remedy, the oil of the neem tree can be used in many aspects of our lives.

Neem oil serves multiple purposes that may otherwise be provided by dangerous chemicals.

Happy Trying !

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