There is a lot of question regarding reusing fried oil so we came up with this blog to make sure our customer understand the disadvantage of reusing fried oil again in their cooking.

Why we should not reheat cooking oil?


Reusing cooking oil can create free radicals that can lead to inflammation and diseases in our bodies. Well, let say the free radicals attach themselves to our healthy cells in the body which may lead to many health problems. The free radicals from used oils sometimes can be carcinogenic, which means they have substances that can cause cancer. Also reusing oil can also lead to atherosclerosis which may cause an increase in bad cholesterol, leading to blockage in arteries and slowing down our immunity, and making us prone to infections.

Not only that we must also take note by reusing the same oil can also lead to a number of other problems as well including acidity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and irritable throat. The mentioned problem may occur when we reuse the cooking oil frequently.

How many times oil can be reused? The common Question!

Ideally, the oil once used for deep frying should not be used again! but again its depends on the type of oil is being used, how long it was heated, was it used for shallow frying or deep-frying, and what type of food was cooked in it.

We generally will advise our customers to use for shallow frying only and discard the oil once done. As we all know Yashkri is specialized in cold-pressed oil which is also called Marra Chekku Oil. These oils are suitable for cooking but not deep frying except for our peanut oil since the smoke point is high.

If you still want to reuse the oil please keep these few things in mind.

  • Please ensure your smoke point of the oil.

  • If in the event your oils get very smoky during frying please t discard them. The oil may contain toxic substances.

  • Every oil is different some have a high smoke point which is suitable for frying. Normally refined oils do not break down during deep frying. Hence we always advise Yashkri customers to only use our oils to for tempering, sauteing, and baking since the temperature is within its smoke point unless you use our peanut oil for deep frying.
  • Olive oil is also not suitable for deep frying unless used for sauteeing.

Hence, we always tell our customers that by using Yashkri you will cut down oil usage by about 50% compared to when you use refined oil in your cooking. Hope this write-up helps to open up our eyes regarding reusing used oil for our cooking.

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